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Our History

We are proud of our school. We've found out some really interesting facts.


Did you know?


  • Staples Road Junior School was built in 1887 and was opened as a boys only school. It cost £6000 and only had 197 children. Today there are 630 children!
  • An infant school was built next to it in 1891 and this had a further 169 children.
  • In 1911 a girls section was added to the junior school but the girls and boys were kept separate and even had their own entrances. You can still spot the signs on the building now.
  • The school has a blue plaque on it to recognise one of it's headteachers. He was called George Pearson who left the school in 1913 to become one of the earliest film producers.
  • The bell tower is a really striking feature of the school. It was used to call the children in from the forest: they used to play there rather than the playground!
  • In 1938 the school was reorganised to be a mixed school for girls and boys.
  • During World War 2, part of the junior school was used as a hospital for injured soldiers.
  • More recently, in 2011, Staples Road Infant School and Staples Road Junior School were merged and became the Staples Road Primary School we know today.
  • There is a board along the fence outside the school with more information and photographs of Staples Road through the ages.  

Here are some pictures of our school over 70 years ago.

What things can you see that are the same? What differences are there?

Our values are kindness, honesty, creativity and resilience