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Staples Road Primary School understands that volunteers/parents are a welcome resource for helping to raise children's achievement, complementing the work of teachers and support staff.  We have no doubt that the school will benefit greatly from developing well planned active parental and community links through participation, by adults in the activities of the school on a voluntary basis.

The placement of any volunteer, whether for one day or for a number of sessions over a longer period, must be managed with care; in particular taking account of the needs of the pupils and the staff to whom they are assigned.  We are mindful of deploying volunteers appropriately and will not be asked to replace paid staff or be given responsibility within the school that would normally be associated with paid employees.



Volunteers in school are bound by a code of confidentiality.  Any concerns that you may have about the children you work with/come into contact with should be voiced with the Classteacher and NOT with the parents of the child/persons outside school.

Comments regarding children's behaviour or learning can be highly sensitive and, if taken out of context, can cause distress to the parents of a child if they hear about such issues through a third party rather than directly from the school.

Volunteers who are concerned about anything another adult in the school does or says should raise the matter with a senior member of staff or Headteacher.



All volunteers/parents work under the supervision of the classteacher of the class to which they are assigned.  Teachers retain responsibility for children at all times, including the children's behaviour and the activity they are undertaking.

Health & Safety

The school has a Health & Safety Policy (published on the school's website) and this is made available on request to volunteers/parents working in the school.  Classteachers ensure that volunteers/parents are clear about emergency procedures (e.g. fire alarm evacuation) and about any safety aspects associated with a particular task (e.g. using DT equipment/accompanying children on visits).  Volunteers/parents need to exercise due care and attention and report any obvious hazards or concerns to the classteacher/senior member of staff/Headteacher.


Child Protection/Safeguarding procedures

The school takes safeguarding seriously and the welfare of our children is paramount.  All schools must carry out a check on all staff/volunteers who have regular contact with children.  This is done through the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) previously CRB. 

Our values are kindness, honesty, creativity and resilience