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Staples Road Primary School

Strive, Respect, Succeed

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Our school motto is Strive, Respect, Succeed


As a school we strive to provide a setting where these qualities and attributes can be nurtured and can grow and develop.



We aim:

  • to provide a welcoming and caring school that enriches the lives of those within it and those who visit
  • to be an aspirational learning community
  • to challenge and inspire every individual to fulfill their potential
  • to provide every child with a rich and varied curriculum
  • to provide a wide range of enrichment opportunities
  • to provide learning experiences that allow all pupils equal opportunities to develop their thinking and creative skills

We respect every child as an individual. We respect that every child’s views are essential in their personal and educational journey with us. We respect parents as partners in supporting the growth and development of their child’s journey with us.



We aim:

  • to nurture partnerships with all stakeholders to foster positive links
  • to develop confident and positive attitudes amongst children and staff in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect
  • to support children’s social, moral, spiritual and cultural development, preparing children to become well-rounded individuals
  • to promote British values in an inclusive community


As a school, we promote a ‘growth mindset’ towards self-development and learning and we enable opportunities for, and skills in, the setting of individual learning steps or outcomes and the self-assessment of them. We positively recognise small steps of success and achievement with the children and celebrate this success in ways appropriate and motivating for the child.




  • Children are motivated and independent learners
  • Children have an embedded growth mindset and a positive attitude to learning
  • Children are creative thinkers
  • Children are equipped with life skills to contribute to the wider community
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