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Strive, Respect, Succeed

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Behaviour/Class Dojo

At SRPS we take pride in our children’s exemplary behaviour. All children throughout the school strive to follow the golden rules which are displayed in each classroom and in various locations around the school. At SRPS we also encourage children to have a growth mindset and adopt positive learning behaviours e.g. persistence, resilience, teamwork etc.

Our golden rules are:

We are gentle

We are kind and helpful

We listen

We are honest

We work hard

We look after property


To reward good behaviour each class uses a system called ClassDojo which allows adults to award Dojo points for following our golden rules, showing persistence etc. Parents will be invited to join their child’s ClassDojo group giving you the opportunity to see your child’s behaviour record and see messages from the classteacher along with photographs of events.


Welcome back to a new term at Staples Road!